lunes, enero 23, 2006

they're back!!!

One of my favourites hardcore related bands from the ol' good nineties is back. The almighty damnation ad after eight years of their masterwork "kingdom of lost souls" and a few months after its side project "when tigers fight" has come back. They have posted a song in their new myspace site, and man, is ONE OF THE BEST SONGS I'VE HEARD IN A LONG TIME...

And there is another song somewhere else, but i lost track of which label it is...

whatever...they're back, and it seems to be better than ever...

lunes, diciembre 12, 2005

there used to be a new and an old school...

I remember when a was an ignorant 15 years old kid who listened to metallica, pantera, sepultura and the likes...some day i listened to a song of strife's "in this defiance" and i started to go to hardcore shows and buying fanzines. My life was totally destroyed...but im not gonna talk about it right now. I was just remembering the stupid fights between old and new school so typical of the times. For me it was plainly so weird, as i came from a metal background. But what i never understood(and i still don't) were the kind of "youth crew hardcore revival bands", who pretended to keep the "purity" of hardcore and just rejected any metal-sounding guitar, and who where actually making covers of yout of today or gorilla biscuits but they just changed the name and the lyrics of the song and pretended it to be a new song. Ok, maybe i'm too biased, but most of that bands just sounded the same to me, and it didn't make any sense to do that "ten years after". And that was exactly the name of a MCD released by which seemed to be just one more revival band of the time.

The band was called Refraining, and they were kind of side project of the some members of madrid's a room with a view with some friends of them coming from the area of barcelona. They just made plain youth crew hardcore(fuck, they even recorded a cover of wide awake), adding some melody and a good production to the sound.

But the voice was actually good and you can realise who high-skilled were the members of a room with a view. This is not just fast drums with with shitty chord progressions, which was what most of this revival bands used to do, these are actual good songs written by good musicians.

check it out and tell me if i'm wrong...

01 born to be used
02 supuesta libertad
03 oppression
04 no step back
05 ten years after
06 the last straw (wide awake cover)

PS. the cd was self released by the band's label, the same where they released the first album of a room with a view, that is, totally sold out and you can only get a copy through some small distros in europe, that's why i decided to put the whole work here...

jueves, diciembre 01, 2005

I heard of minus the bear as being the new band of Dave Knudson, former guitar player of the legendary and one of my all time favourites bands Botch. As well as the almighty Matt Bayles is doing the electronics. So i expected a great noisy aggresive band. And the are great, almost perfect i would say, but not aggresive and just a bit noisy when they perform live, as i was lucky enough of watching them playing here in madrid.

The fact was that i didn't like too much their first releases. Too melodic, an unfocused production and sometimes weak songs. But their last album, man, is perfect. They've finally gotten their concept, the blend of ultramelodic pop, intrincated layers of guitars, wild chord tappin(mr knudson is able of tapping guitar with four fingers, something that i never see doing to other more typical guitar monsters), and their pushing that concept to its limits, without failing, without any lack of intensity...ok, i will stop it, just check them out if you still haven't done, go run to see they playing live and buy this fuckin' album. Definetely one of the top albums of this almost gone 2005...

back to the blogspot...

I haven't almost update this blog in the last 3 months, which really upsets me. The reason of that is that i tried to build up a whole new desintegrado site by my own, doing the whole graphic design and all the programming, and with a more ambitious approach. But i didn't find time enough for doing it. Working, studying, hanging out with my friends and the fuckin' 4 hours a day that i spend in the fuckin commuter train of fuckin' madrid for goin' to the work haven't allow me to progress in the project as scheduled.

So, from now on, i'll keep doin' the mp3 blog in this place, while keep on working in the mentioned project with a more realistic schedule...

Shit, life is short, but a 24 hour days is even shorter for me...

Pd: Para aquellos que me leías por mis textos y demás movidas en español, por ahora lo dejaré =;)

jueves, noviembre 03, 2005


Por si a alguien le interesa, mientras sigo trabajando en mi nuevo sitio, estos son los próximos conciertos intersantes en madrid para mi propio gusto:

Ictus + Moho - 10 Noviembre - Barracudas

The Robocop Kraus - 11 Noviembre - Moby Dick

Love of Lesbian - 18 Noviembre - El Sol

The Kills - 20 Noviembre - Arena

The Business - 24 Noviembre - Ritmo Y Compas

High On Fire - 25 Noviembre - Ritmo Y Compas

Turbonegro - 14 Diciembre - Aqualung

Opeth - 9 Diciembre - Arena

Por supuesto la mayoría cuestan 20-25 puta madre...